Why does the North End smell so bad for a few weeks in the spring time? How do weeds manage to be the first plants to pop up after winter? Why does that woodpecker in your neighborhood always tap on that stupid light pole? Did you know that if you dig in the cement planters downtown, you might find a sweet potato? Boise Biophilia has the answers to nature’s oddities. Hosts Casey O’Leary and Daniel Murphy try to explain current biological curiosities in the Boise area. Nature is not another world to go and visit — it’s happening RIGHT NOW around YOU! Go outside, it’s f***ing amazing!

Casey O’Leary is a horticulturist, dirt-worshipper and seed freak who farms and writes in various art forms about the intriguing interconnections of the natural world while living the dream in Boise, Idaho.

Daniel Murphy is a science nerd who loves plants, zines, and punk rock. He is the founder of Awkward Botany and the Collections Curator at the Idaho Botanical Garden. His punk nature makes him root for the underdog of the plant world, weeds.

Boise Biophilia is a production of Radio Boise 89.9 FM Caldwell/Boise and 93.5 FM downtown, K228EK Garden City.