Episode 55: Giant Sequoia and Snags


Treefort Music Fest has come and gone, but we’re still talking about trees.

Casey concludes our month of tree-themed episodes with another famous Boise tree, the giant sequoia behind St. Luke’s. This tree has lived a long and storied life. Casey reveals the mystery behind its funny looking top and regales us with the story of its recent move across Fort Street.

Giant sequoia ready for its move across the street.

Trees provide food and habitat for all sorts of other organisms. When a tree dies, its habitat value only grows, especially when it stays standing. Such trees are called snags, and Daniel enumerates some of the species that call snags home.

Many species of birds and other animals nest in the cavities of dead, standing trees. (via wikimedia commons)

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This episode aired on Radio Boise in March 2019 and featured music by Toy Zoo.

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