Episode 68: Syrphid Flies and Butterworts


Last episode, Casey introduced us to the common housefly. This week we meet syrphid flies. Also known as hoverflies or flower flies, these flies are floral visitors, circumstantially assisting in pollination as they go. Many of them look a lot like bees. Their bee mimicry helps deter would be predators.

syrphid fly via wikimedia commons

Daniel finishes his tour of the carnivorous plants of Idaho by talking about butterworts. Idaho may or may not have a species of butterwort growing naturally within its borders. Butterworts are similar to sundews, in that their leaves are like sticky fly paper. Unfortunate victims are glued to the leaf surface and then digested in that very spot.

Pinguicula gigantea via wikimedia commons


This episode aired on Radio Boise in June 2019 and featured music by Toy Zoo.

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