Episode 72: Boise Goathead Fest 2019


Boise Goathead Fest is back, which means that Treasure Valley residents are invited once again to get out there and pull these gnarly plants and turn them in for drink tokens to be redeemed at the festival. Casey reminisces about an early band of weed wranglers – The Goathead Avengers – who used to get together for goathead pulling parties and celebratory beers. Sounds familiar.

To better familiarize ourselves with Tribulus terrestris (otherwise known as the dreaded goathead), Daniel shares some details about the plant, touching on its taxonomy, anatomy, and life history. He also shares some additional common names, most of which allude to its potential to puncture your precious bike tires.

One common name for Tribulus terrestris is caltrop, which is also the name of a device used in warfare to puncture or pierce the tires and feet of oncoming vehicles and animals. (photo credit: wikimedia commons)

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This episode aired on Radio Boise in July 2019 and featured music by Toy Zoo.

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