Episode 75: Ground Beetles and Newfangled Tomato Breeding


In the dark of night, gardens aren’t as quiet as you might expect. For one, a group of beetles known as ground beetles emerge from their hiding places and head out on the hunt. These nocturnal beetles spend the night hunting down garden pests like slugs, snails, and the larvae of various other insects. If you’re interested in encouraging more of these beneficial beetles in your garden, Daniel has some tips to share.

via wikimedia commons

Casey has more to say about tomatoes. Native to Peru, tomatoes have been transported around the world and have a long history of domestication. Artificial selection has narrowed the plant’s genetic diversity, leaving it vulnerable to all kinds of pests and diseases. A new breed of plant people are going back to the crop wild relatives in attempt to introduce more diversity into this important crop.

via wikimedia commons

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This episode aired on Radio Boise in August 2019 and featured music by Toy Zoo.

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